Ben Lau's name stamp in Chinese Calligraphic writing originally means "The Great Wall of Han Dynasty"

Issues of Interpretation

Ben Lau's name stamp in Chinese Calligraphic writing originally means "The Great Wall of Han Dynasty"


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The Inner issues of Painting Vs the Outer, Circumstantial Issues

Ben Lau MFA


      I have always wanted to examine the issues of interpretation, fetishism and gender- issues claimed by art historians and critics alike as significant elements in any work of art. The purpose of that is to see how research in that direction may yield something useful pertaining to a better understanding of art. However, I always think that a full understanding of a work of art must be attained through an examination at its core, that is, the artís own reason for being, NOT by proving its relevance to outer issues which reside at the circumference of art. Of course, I am referring to that specific kind of art that steadfastly refuses to be governed under the jurisdictions of those outer issues.

       A work of artís reason for being can be found within the internal considerations of that art regarding its potency as an agent of communication, such as its structure, balance, movement, composition, inventiveness and its metaphors. Those are the inner issues of a work of art as compared to the outer ones. In other words, the reason for the artís being lies in the consideration of those inner issues- enduring factors that may or may not provide beauty, sensuality and harmony. Those internal issues, if understood intuitively and approached appropriately, forms the core of that art. The issues of interpretation, fetishism and gender concern only with the external and circumstantial effects of that art. They have attracted attention only because of the artís presence on the art historiansí radar of time and space.

      Since contemporary discourses and critiques have placed such an extraordinarily high value on those external issues, I shall examine the New York master, Knox Martinís works in the light of their relevance within the cultural context of the contemporary world. Eventually, I shall be able to compare such discourses with Knox Martinís own criteria about his art in order to reap a greater clarity of vision for the viewers.

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